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I’m talking about Google+, and their lame attempt at social networking.  I immediately signed up for a Google + account, because i like to get my music heard, and any chance to network is great.  I have almost 500 friends on FaceBook, and 1400 on Myspace, which like everyone else, i hardly use any more.
Here is the problem.  I don’t understand what the heck is going on! I don’t easily know how to get to Google +, and when i am there i don’t know what to do.  So, after some poking around, I finally get to Google +.  There are three friend suggestions.  Two of which I have never heard of, and the third is a brother of a friend.   If we are worried about google collecting too much information on us, this may put you at ease.
See, my main interest in Google  + is its potential to fill the gap in the wonderful but now defunct  This was a video broadcasting site that not only broadcasted at good quality, but also allowed up to 10 guests to show their video while watching.    With Google +, guests can join the broadcast, but it is not a user friendly process by any means.
Also, If i could broadcast from Youtube, I could pick up remote tech support business by being available for computer advice.   Well,  facebook, with all its faults, keeps me coming back.  What it does, it does well. It helped me connect to all my high school friends, and my cousins from California.
So, as a musician, I want to develop online possibilities for playing music, and also online tech support options for GurusNOTGeeks.    So far, the google+ experience has me flabbergasted.