$99 Windows Tablet/Notebook!

Ok, I am amazed. I am a singer/songwriter with programming skills, and I wrote a program to organize my lead sheets and keep track of music that I know in java and access. Since I never really learned how to memorize all of the lyrics, and often forgot them when I was nervous, I needed a way to inconspicuously have access to my lyrics during a show. I was using a Dell Duo which is a laptop with a flippable screen so that is basically turns into a fat tablet maybe 10.1″ screen. That worked well for a while, but started to get slow after a while. This SmarTab has actually blown me away with its features all except for the small amount of storage space – 32gb. My first mistake was to bow to the pressure of signing in with my Microsoft account , which then decided it would sync to both of my other PC’s by transferring all special folders like downloads, documents, desktop … all without checking for available space first… boo. Oh yes, and it also incorrectly claimed that my password was incorrect when it wasn’t , thereby forcing me to reset it, and of course it wouldn’t let me use the same password so both other pc’s started complaining that my info was out of date. All that being said, it worked like a charm for my gig so much so I got one for my friend who pays music with me. He laughingly suggested installing Second Life which up until now needed a $600 computer with a decent graphics card to run. Well the 32bit version of Second Life runs like a charm! Then it’s other features became apparent. NetFlix, FaceBook, One Note, 5 hour battery life, and skype! There is even a good workaround for the tiny hard drive. It has a micro SD slot which will take up to a 128 gb micro sd, which can be mounted to a folder on the c drive. So I have to say that this small tablet/notebook is a game changer as well as a no brainer. On top of everything else, it ships next day free from Walmart! With tax, the bill came to $107!